Es la perfección hecha Domina. Es una impecable combinación de Mujer extremadamente atractiva, dominante, exigente al extremo, increíblemente perversa, con un delicado toque de sofisticación y al mismo tiempo inteligente, contenedora y capaz de sacar de cada uno de sus esclavos lo mejor para lograr de ellos entrega total y servicio inmejorable.

She is the perfect Domina. She is the exact combination of a most attractive, dominant and incredibly strict and demanding Lady, with a touch of soft sophistication as well as extremely intelligent, caring and loving always able to get the best from each slave in order to serve Her.

jueves, noviembre 23, 2006

In the Internet I found in a blog belonging to an american Mistress a post which I very much agree

The blog can be reached at

A warm salutation to this real Domina. Claude

In the world of Dominance and submission, the collar represents ownership and clearly defines the commitment between the Domme and sub.
For the Domme, the collar represents her property. In a public, lifestyle friendly environment, other Dommes and subs will know that your slave is owned. Basically, your submissive has been taken off the market.

The collar represents commitment and devotion between the Domme and sub. The Domme, by collaring her sub, is agreeing to lead, guide, protect, love (if that kind of relationship has been established) and give purpose and meaning to the slave.

The commitment from the slave is of devotion, obedience, worship, adoration and complete surrender. In my particular relationship, we are married and my husband is collared to me.

In a vanilla marriage, property and day to day responsibilities are split 50/50. If one partner fails to give their 50%, trouble occurs in the marriage. In a Master/slave relationship, the expectations of the relationship are well defined.
It is known that all property resorts to the Dominant. Control of the entire relationship lands at the feet of the Dominant and from there the Domme decides which tasks are best handled by which partner. There is no power struggle.

Becoming a slave does not strip the submissive of all responsibility. That is purely fiction and internet land bullshit. My slaves #1 priority is to make my life easier. He is here to serve me. I do not order him around everyday, directing his every move.
How does that benefit me? All that does is cause more and more work for me. I expect him to think, act and react to everything with my best interest in mind.

Oh, it might be nice to be in the “Story of O” for a weekend, but come Monday my slave is back to reality.

miércoles, noviembre 15, 2006

Algunas imagenes preferidas.

Reine Claude tiene un gusto particular por las imágenes de dominación femenina en forma de dibujos o "comics". Aquí comparte con nosotros algunas de Sus preferidas las cuales muestran el estilo de dominación que Ella prefiere.

(pinchar imagen para ver en tamaño real)

sábado, noviembre 11, 2006


Ama Claude gusta mucho de las imagenes de Sardax, aquí una de ellas como muestra.

viernes, noviembre 10, 2006

Click on the picture of Ama Claude to see her latest gallery.

Anyone willing to get in touch with Ama Claude should write to Her e-mail address. Only those who show themselves respectful enough and able to recall her attention will be answered but She will not notice those ones who under Her terms do not deserve such a privilege.

jueves, noviembre 09, 2006

A special Mistress

If your idea of a Mistress is around a Lady wearing a leather catsuit with 6” heels and tall boots while holding a big lash in her hands… are in the wrong place.My style is based on whatever is sexy, erotic, psychological and not just on discretional and extensive punishment.

I am capricious, perverse and creative, but my slaves enjoy serving me even when that may include the highest humiliations.I am not an ordinary Mistress, my erotic power makes males do anything in order to surrender at my feet by their own will and not compulsorily.

My slaves exist just to make my life easier and as pleasant as a Lady deserves and always under my terms. Everything they do is for my satisfaction and knowing I am satisfied is the only pleasure they may have while serving me, because it is my fantasies and desires the ones to be considered, not theirs.

I like and enjoy taking the best from each slave in order to be used and even abused for my benefit. My slaves know the meaning of total surrender to a true Goddess who requieres from each one a total and sincere commitment with their Mistress.I never accept a “no” as an answer and, although my slaves are always free to accept or refuse any of my requirements, a negative answer means they are out of my queendom for ever.

Everyone who has worked enough to earn a place as a slave of mine knows about the state of submission that my simple presence means, feels his Mistress in every moment and aspect of his life and exists only for me, carrying my collar deep inside as discovers that imagination is more important than logic.

Welcome to my blog, read about me and enjoy it

Maitresse Claude