Es la perfección hecha Domina. Es una impecable combinación de Mujer extremadamente atractiva, dominante, exigente al extremo, increíblemente perversa, con un delicado toque de sofisticación y al mismo tiempo inteligente, contenedora y capaz de sacar de cada uno de sus esclavos lo mejor para lograr de ellos entrega total y servicio inmejorable.

She is the perfect Domina. She is the exact combination of a most attractive, dominant and incredibly strict and demanding Lady, with a touch of soft sophistication as well as extremely intelligent, caring and loving always able to get the best from each slave in order to serve Her.

viernes, noviembre 10, 2006

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Anyone willing to get in touch with Ama Claude should write to Her e-mail address. Only those who show themselves respectful enough and able to recall her attention will be answered but She will not notice those ones who under Her terms do not deserve such a privilege.

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